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Unusual locations in India you never knew existed


If someone asks you about how you are going to define India, you will get countless answers for the same! But, if you ask us about its definition, we would say that it’s a land full of surprises. Every landscape here is a surprise package, and while traveling here, you won’t know what’s next! If your plan was all of a sudden and for that, you got the last minute flights booked for India, the whole tour after that’s going to be worth it. However, it is highly recommended for you to book your flight tickets well in advance.

Anyone who needs to have a unique experience in India should opt to visit the various unusual destinations in the country. There are plenty of strange places hailing with a lot of unordinary stories. Well, this is as astonishing as it sounds. So, what are you waiting for? Search for last minute flights and wait no more for a journey to India.

We have come up with a whole list of unusual Indian sites that you might haven’t even heard of. You won’t even believe their existence.

1.Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

If you are an adventure junkie, then a visit to the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh is a worth-it. Anyone who is just fed up and very tired of driving can just come up here and spend some time at the mighty Magnetic Hill. But, do you wonder why these hills have such a name? It’s because, according to many researches, it’s notified that this hill can emit magnetic force intending to pull the vehicles. Many researchers are still confused about whether this is a superstition or just an optical illusion.

2. Shani Shignapur, Maharashtra

Do you think staying in a house with zero doors is safe? Well, no, it isn’t. But, if you are at Shani Shignapur, then it’s safe! The houses in this place have no doors, and also, this place has no record of any crime or theft. It makes this place a highly mysterious place for many. The villagers present here are a dire follower of Lord Shani, and they consider him as the guardian of the village. So, they do not believe in any kind of security in their houses.

3. Hanging Pillars of Lepakshi

The Lepakshi temple is also named the Veerabhadra Temple. It is a historical temple since its prevalence dates back to the notable 16th century. According to many people, this temple has got a lot of mysteries connected with it. It is because this divinity center has a very unusual hanging pillar. The temple’s interiors consist of 70 huge pillars. One pillar out of them stands out of the crowd since it’s hanging from the temple’s ceiling. You can pass any flat object, such as cloth or paper, from the space of the pillar.

4. Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan

Can you even imagine seeing thousands of rats in a single place? Well, you would have witnessed that only in the movies as of now. But now, you can experience the same in the Karni Mata Temple of Rajasthan. The temple has more than 20,000 rats within its vicinity, and they are of black color. Whatever corner you are looking at, you would spot a bunch of black rats there. It is said that anyone who spots a white rat in the Karni Mata Temple is lucky. Hunting, disrespecting, or disturbing these rats is not allowed here.

5. Sangha Tenzing’s Mummy at Spiti

The mummy of Sangha Tenzing kept in the Spiti Valley is 500 years old. Can you even believe that? This mummy is prevalent in the Ghuen village and is related to many beliefs, myths, and mysteries. According to many researches and reports, the authorities have preserved this mummy in an organized way. So, you are going to spot some hair on the mummy’s head. Apart from this, it is also noteworthy that some of its skin stays unbroken till now. Sangha Tenzing died in a sitting position during the 1975 earthquake, and a rope was also spotted around this mummy’s neck.

6. The Drowning Church, Karnataka

The Drowning Church of Karnataka is located at a proximity of 22kms from Hassan. The real name of this church is the Shettihalli Rosary, and it has been famous for a good number of unusual characteristics. Notably, the church drowns during monsoons and notably comes up when it’s the summertime. Currently, the drowning church is in ruins and stands unexplored in a roofless condition.

7. Roopkund in Chamoli

The Roopkund Lake is one of the highly mysterious lakes. The beauty of this water body is at its utmost, but the strange mysteries associated with it have become a center of discussion. As notified, this glacial lake has 30 skeletons present around it. Everyone’s clueless about where these skeletons come up and how old they are. The moment you see them, there are going to be a lot of questions popping up in your mind. This place is quite unusual, isn’t it?

8. Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand

You really can’t get over the beauty of the valley of flowers. It resides in the Chamoli District, and Frank S Smythe noted the presence of this valley. He was coming back from Mt. Kamert, and on the way, he came across this beautiful valley. He became a fan of this place and told others about its beauty. Since then, the valley of flowers has been stealing the hearts of every beauty seeker out there.

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