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Jujutsu Kaisen 101: Jujutsu Kaisen Power system and Gojo Satoru Limitless technique explained!


When Gojo Satoru explained the Jujutsu Kaisen power system, most of the viewers could relate to Yuji Itadori who collapsed from the sheer influx of incomprehensible information. But worry not, here is a detailed explanation of both the Jujutsu Kaisen power system and Gojo Satoru’s technique. Jujutsu Kaisen for dummies, if you will.

Gojo Satoru uses Hollow Purple against Fushiguro Toji in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 4(MAPPA)

Cursed Energy

Cursed Energy, or Juryoku, is a power source that stems from negative emotions. Sorcerers and cursed spirits use cursed energy to fuel their jujutsu.

Negative emotions are present in every human being to some extent. If this amount is higher than a certain degree, it grants the human the ability to see cursed spirits. These rare individuals are known as Jujutsu Sorcerers. Cursed energy leaks from the human body and accumulates. When it ferments over time, it gives birth to Cursed Spirits. Cursed tools, cursed objects, and cursed corpses are all infused with cursed energy.

Jujutsu sorcerers manipulate their cursed energy and channel it into various techniques. Gojo Satoru compared cursed energy to electricity. According to his analogy, similar to electricity, cursed energy is volatile in nature and difficult to use. However, rather than using it for blunt force, humans use electricity to fuel electronics. Likewise, sorcerers use cursed energy to activate their unique abilities.

Reversed Cursed Energy

Cursed energy is negative in nature which makes it unfit for healing. Therefore, although it can be used for reinforcement, it cannot be used for the regeneration of human flesh. By taking two sources of negative energy and multiplying them together, sorcerers can create Positive Reverse Cursed Energy. This can only be achieved using a reverse curse technique which is extremely sophisticated and difficult to master.

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Gojo Satoru’s technique

Limitless is an inherited technique within the Gojo family. It employs the concept of “infinity” in a way that allows the user to manipulate and distort space at will.

Six Eyes is another innate attribute inherited within the Gojo clan. It grants the bearer extraordinary perception, allowing them to see the flow of cursed energy. The constant influx of information can be overwhelming, leaving the bearer overstimulated and tired.

Six Eyes is an extremely rare trait. Gojo Satoru is the first sorcerer in 400 years to possess both Limitless and Six Eyes.

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Neutral Limitless: Infinity

Infinity, or Mugen, is the base state of Limitless and the power to stop. The concept is similar to that of Lewis Carroll’s Achilles and the Tortoise. The technique takes the finite amount of space between the two subjects and divides it an infinite amount of times. As a result, anything that approaches infinity slows down and never reaches the user.

Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue

Blue, or Strengthened Limitless, amplifies Limitless to bring the concept of ‘negative distance’ to reality. As a result, Blue is the power to attract. By creating a negative distance, this technique forces the surrounding space to try and fill in the vacuum, resulting in a violent collapse into the source. It can be used not only to destroy buildings or any structure but also to crush the opponent by constricting the space around them. It can also be used to achieve high-speed movement across short distances

Cursed Technique Reversal: Red

Red, or Reversed Limitless, reverses Limitless through the concept of divergence, generating the power to repel. This technique can be used to unleash immense explosive force in an instant. The energy output of Red is at least twice as much as the output of Blue. By using the reverse cursed energy (explained above) the sorcerer can use Limitless to repel rather than attract. Thus, it is the opposite of Blue.

Hollow Technique: Purple

Purple, or Colliding Limitless, is a secret ability known to only a few in the Gojo Family. Hollow Purple is the fusion of both Red and Blue. This produces an imaginary mass which erases everything in its path from reality. Purple is an extraordinarily destructive energy wave of annihilation that rips whatever it hits from existence.

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