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The Trending Interior Designs to Try in 2021


2020 has brought many challenges to our lives and homes. We have realized the importance of keeping up our homes. Most of our time pivoted inside at home working, exercising, and playing. We even engage in socializing from home. With this, it makes sense to upgrade our home design making it appropriate to everything we need to follow in this “new normal” era.

There are lots of home design trends that can help in your quest to improve your home. Interior designers have come up with the trending designs in 2021 including the material to use, colors, and decorating styles.

Top Interior Designs in 2021

  • Nostalgic designs

Surveys revealed classic and traditional interior designs became popular this 2021. The concept of the “old-meets-new” trend manifested in the decorating details, floral prints, and gilded finishes. A vintage design is another option to consider using the “less-is-more” concept. In this interior design scheme, cohesive and vibrant colors are the key to achieve the right contrast.

  • Sustainable furnishings

When designing the interior of your home, experts recommend choosing sustainable furnishings. Nowadays, buyers are turning away from big-box furniture. Instead, they go for pieces of furniture that are environmentally friendly. Decors and pieces of furniture made from sustainable materials are getting popular. It is a smart choice to invest in sustainable furnishings to enjoy using them for a long time without negative impact on the environment.

You can also consider sculptural furniture. Shapely furniture is inviting to the eyes as they create a dancing-like gaze across space.

  • Sophisticated cottagecore

This interior design idea will surely please the crowd. It improves the comfort in a modern home while integrating some character details in the living spaces. The best thing about this design is it works in harmony with both new and old structures in your house.

You can experiment with this sophisticated interior design if your homes have exposed beams, paneled walls, or original floorboards. You can use reclaimed woods to achieve a vintage look. Use woods having plenty of texture and grain, rather than perfectly finished items.

Cottagecore needs to be simple, but you can integrate a touch of glamour to achieve a luxurious traditional style.

  • Eco choices

Since COVID-19 teaches us to put cleanliness as our top priority, interior designers recommend using fabrics that are easy to clean. You can consider calming fabrics with meaningful design. This trend would create a balance in spiritual connection and commitment to environmental sustainability.

With textures and colors, choose crafts with warm tones. It goes well with a color palette including earthy orange, soft olive, moss green, and golden beige. Tactile fabrics like linen, boucle, and matt velvet are resilient and soft making them withstand intensive seating.

It is always a good idea to use fabrics that resist stains and endure daily wear. Finding such fabrics is easier as you can shop made to measure curtains here! Considering eco choices makes us connected to nature manifested by multifunctional and sustainable materials.

  • Maximalism trend

The minimalist interior design is getting less popular in 2021. Now is the time to curate the interior identity of your home. The maximalism trend encourages us to become inventive with personal and decorative interiors. It is like telling a story by layering the old designs with the new ones. It creates a silhouette in terms of color and fabric choices.

  • Go with nature

Because of the pandemic, many people get interested in plants. Going with nature is the latest trend this 2021. Many households are bringing plants inside and allowing hanging creepers to grow inside their houses.

Indoor plants are becoming the favorite. It’s because they add vibrant and colors to every home. They are also important as they release oxygen, filter out pollutants, and make the air fresh. The best thing about this trend is you need not go out of your home to enjoy nature. Isn’t it relaxing to see greens inside your house?

  • Adding touches of luxury

As our family stays most of the time inside our home, it’s a smart idea to upgrade the ambiance. There are many ideas to level up the interior design. One is to add touches of luxury to your home. Patterns can make a huge change in the mood of your home and redefines comfort.

When Pantone declared the Color of the Year, many households started to modify the interior design by integrating the Pantone color. Some ideas include using luxury velvets, geometric shapes, cashmere throws, and monochrome prints.

  • Dress up your bedroom

When improving the interior design of your home, it also includes the bedroom. With bedroom décor, the headboard is the focal point. You can design it with the trending look like a boutique hotel. Use throw pillows with pattern and color that coordinates the headboard. Experiment using different styles that add more character.

  • Create your home office

Many people nowadays are working at home to avoid the COVID-19 virus. If you’re one of them, it is a good idea to create your own home office. You can add a desk light that serves spotlighting and can add style to a specific space.

A comfortable chair with a leather armchair is a good item that will fit in your home office. It will also provide the ambiance of a library making it a sanctuary where you can read and reflect. An upright chair works best for your desk work.

Carpets can also improve the design of your home office. But choose the one made of natural fiber to ensure that it does not only enhances the interior design of your home but also safe for the environment.

Final Thoughts

Interior design is not all about getting the décor right. It allows an individual to express ideas to decorate a space using the right colors, fabrics, and others. Good thing is that there are many resources available that can help in carrying out the job, especially for first-timers.

It can transform not only the appearance of space but also the lives of the people living in. You can seek help from an interior designer, but you can also do it your own. All you have to do is explore your creativity.

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