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React Native for MVP Development Easy to design and launch for your business


A dynamic mobile-friendly responsive website is not alone sufficient to make your digital business presence strong. You need a mobile application, preferably hybrid, to gain traction. It gives your users’ flexibility to relish the native experience and use web services to access the content. As the app market is taking the digital world by storm, users’ preference is also shifting towards applications, and you, as a business, stand better chances to boost profit with an app. Relying on websites alone today is more than a mistake for any brand.

But it would help if you had a substantial budget allocation to move with the mobile app development. Many entrepreneurs take a step back at this stage due to cost constraints. They realize the app’s significance and demand for any business but can’t do anything. However, what they can do is opt for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. MVP refers to the app development with the most important features while reducing the development effort and cost significantly. Besides, it brings an opportunity for development companies to sign projects in quantity.

MVP reduces cost and development time, no doubt, but selecting the right set of tools and framework makes the game perfect to play. Several frameworks are present in the market to work on, including Angular, React Native, Vue, etc. React Native, out of those, is one of the ideal frameworks in terms of performance, compatibility, features, and popularity. You can get the best from it without any tradeoff or compromises. It became the developers’ most favorite IDE in no time. More than 40% of app developers consider React Native for their projects in the league of cross-platform development frameworks. How can it be absolute for the MVP? Let’s find out below.

What Good MVP Brings to Any Business?

MVP application development is an app version with core features, required to testify the product concept in the beginning phase. The key elements which make MVP development an inevitable choice for any business are:

  • Allow determining the idea feasibility in the fastest possible way.
  • Prompt reaction from the audience defines their expectations from the product and gives you a path to pursue. You enhance the application’s existing attributes accordingly while adding the features that the audience demands.
  • A successful MVP can attract potential investors to show interest in your product and support future development.
  • You gain a glassy understanding of the market, your competitors, industry trends and make your move with intelligent steps.

Grounds to Choose React Native for MVP

Many of us already know that React Native is a framework based on JavaScript, which lets developers build apps for multiple platforms with a single codebase, which means that one has to script the code once and compile it for different operating systems without writing separately. Even though it is a cross-platform framework, but the apps developed in it comprise native elements and do not lack in any aspect. Let’s discuss what grounds make React Native ideal for MVP development.

  • Rapid Designing

Developers can create visually appealing graphics with React Native for their MVP very conveniently. Several pre-made toolkits are available in this framework to aid the User interface (UI) development. Users gain a seamless native experience while using the application developed on this framework. Along with that, to accelerate the app development process, there are ready-made reusable components.

  • Reuse of Code

The reusability factor cut down the developer work into literal half. iOS and Android are the operating systems currently this platform supports. It means that with one code, you can target two prominent platforms at once, along with the native feel.

Besides, the less time a programmer will need to create an app with MVP, ultimately reducing the maintenance and upgrade cost. When you have only one codebase, it becomes easy to manage things.

Adding to that, there is also code reusability from the web to mobile. So, if you have written the code for the web app in React, the same code you can utilize for the mobile application.

  • Support for Third-Party Plugins

For plugins support, React Native is the ocean. For both JavaScript and Native modules, you can search and find plugins easily.

The customization scope in the cross-platform development framework is ample. It includes but not limited to themes, customizable templates, and widgets, making the development of aesthetically appealing UI less time-consuming and effort-reducing.

React Native Router Flux, React Native Modalbox, React Native Vector Icons, React Native Selectme, React Native Drawer, and React Native Gifted Spinner are some of the prominent plugins available on the platform for access.

Hence, in developing an MVP application, you get various tools in your arsenal.

  • Budget-Friendly Development

First, you have to highlight the features which are must-to-have for the product before the development. You can also refer to any reputable development company with development experience with this framework to guide you in the right direction. Moreover, as we already know, React Native is a hybrid framework and utilizes a single codebase, so the cost of development is also nominal.

  • Effortless Testing of App and Error Fixing

Either you are working with an MVP or full-fledged development, testing is crucial to validate the app’s functionality across different devices consisting of varying screen sizes. The aim here is to achieve validation from the majority number of users. As you are working with the single code, you can simultaneously test both iOS and Android platforms.

You can blindly trust React Native as a framework to fasten the development process without increasing the cost.

  • Live and Hot Reloading

It is a functionality to identify and fix bugs in real-time without compiling the app again and again. While programming the app, you can visualize the changes parallelly and observe the anomalies. The updated files in hot reloading are resided in a different place, while it compiles again after the amendments in live reloading.

How to be successful with Your MVP?

It’s a success if your MVP consists of only core features and working on multiple devices without flaws. After ensuring these two factors, your next job is to gather the information from the audience. If you become successful in validating your idea, then only begin with the development of subsequent features.

Follow this cycle: Market the MVP, gather users’ reviews and feedback, and amend the changes accordingly. Repeat this until you come to the point where the product is tailored for the intended audience.

The Bottom Line

The essence of fusing MVP with React Native is not limited to minimizing the development cost but increasing productivity and reducing the loss risk. In a matter of few years, React Native gained immense popularity and became the top choice of developers. The community is also highly cooperative of the ones who are new to the development world. React Native reacts fast; it makes every process on the go, carrying simplicity at every step. Considering MVP, React Native leverages the game in entirely another dimension. However, you must hire developers or development agencies with a reputable standing in the market to make your project fly with the wings of success.

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