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Breaking Down Praxis EMR Software 2021


Praxis EMR is one of the top EHR solutions that uses artificial intelligence technology to eliminate predetermined templates, illnesses, discovery, and diagnosis. Praxis is an Artificial Intelligence-based EMR that enables you to generate, customize and share documents and reports in your personalized style.

Praxis EMR is beneficial for all, whether it be a solo practitioner, enterprise hospital, or an ambulatory facility. Praxis EMR Software can become more innovative and more effective as you continue to use it in your practice.

Benefits of Using Praxis EMR Software

Artificial Intelligence

Praxis EMR Software offers application and operation of the Agents. The Agent serves as AI messengers that allow you to do quick charting and send reminders to your staff. Agents are included in the patient notes and are automatically saved and accessible when a new patient with a similar case arrives.

Agents generate all the previous information and medical records that can be made available to the new patient for charting immediately. Furthermore, you can activate them to trigger reminders to staff for schedules. Since they are intelligent messengers, they would know when to deliver a message and to whom.

Knowledge Exchange

Praxis EMR allows you to share your knowledge with experts who also use the software so that you can learn from others’ practice. You can choose what medical knowledge you want to incorporate into your practice.

You can fully use the contents of those knowledge bases or choose only a portion of them that can be adapted and added to your documentation and methodology. This feature enhances the art of medicine through a joint effort of providers.

Decision Support

You can benefit from the highest possible quality of medicine by using Praxis EMR Software. In Praxis EMR, Practice Advisories provide medical advice on a just-in-time basis, decision support, and even complete treatment protocols.


Every practitioner in your medical practice can have a completely different way of doing things. Praxis doesn’t bind you to how other people want you to practice medicine. You are not bound to how the developer thinks things should be done or another doctor who created the software.

Praxis allows you to create a method with which you want to treat patients. Praxis not only enables you to practice individually but also lets you communicate with other peers.

Top Features of Praxis EMR Software

Praxis is known for revolutionizing your medical practice. It offers various features to help you maximize your clinical productivity.

Patient Portal

Praxis EMR offers a patient portal that allows patients to be in contact with you regarding their health. Patients can use the patient portal to view lab, and diagnostic test results, schedule appointments, pay bills and review their health status.


Praxis offers e-Prescription that makes it easier for you to send prescriptions to your preferred pharmacies. E-prescription increases productivity as manually writing down prescriptions can prove to be a daunting task for you since these prescriptions usually need to be drawn up and authorized on an individual basis.

Lab Integration

Praxis enables you to send laboratory orders and obtain results directly. Since the laboratory orders connect with Concept Processor, all your orders are automatically processed every time you approve a note. The test results also arrive automatically in Praxis.


Charting is essential in the field of medical practice. Praxis EMR Software adapts to your style and needs. Praxis reviews show that charting can take as little as 45 seconds to complete because of how intelligent the software is and how quickly you can get through the process of charting because of it. Praxis EMR Software also offers handwriting and voice recognition tools.

Praxis EMR Pricing

Talking about the pricing model, Praxis EMR offers a monthly subscription model that costs $259 with full clinic training and software implementation included. They do not have a free version.

Praxis EMR User Reviews

When deciding to purchase an EHR Software, it is essential to see how experts assess it in their reviews and whether the real people and companies who buy the EHR Software are satisfied.

The users highly recommend praxis EMR Software as the average user rating is 5/5. According to users, Praxis EMR revolutionizes how health care service providers manage medical records, documents, and reports.

Final Thoughts about Praxis EMR Software

Praxis EMR manages health and medical records efficiently. It aims at removing limitations of using drop-down menus and selecting lists that are standard features in the template-based EMR software. It allows you to share your information with other practitioners to learn from you, and you can also learn from them and share their information.

The AI-based EMR Software helps medical practices flourish, but it is also essential to analyze whether Praxis fulfills all your requirements. You can also schedule a Praxis EMR demo to investigate the EHR software better before making the purchase.

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